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roadtrip to ashland


Dave and Anabelle and I took a little road trip up to Ashland, Oregon last weekend to visit family. I have only been to Oregon once, for a wedding in Portland, and I had visions of a cool, verdant break from the crazy dry heat we’ve had here. If I had looked at a map I would have realized that Ashland is really just across the California border, and not exactly a lush oasis, but it sure is a great town!

On the way up, we drove past orchards and sunflower farms and many miles of golden rolling hills, and I was reminded again of what an otherworldly landscape California is in the summertime. As we neared the northern border, Mt. Shasta loomed up, still snow-peaked, and added to the drama of the drive.

It was a pretty short trip and we didn’t get to see any of the productions of the nearly year-round Shakespeare Festival, but we did get some time to wander around downtown and check out the cute shops, including a great fabric store on the main drag called Fabric of Vision, where I got a textile fix, admired their bolts of the Circa 50 line and bought an adorable Oliver + S pattern that will one day become a really cute outfit for Anabelle.

Finally, we did get to bask in some lush greenery at the beautiful Lithia Park right downtown. The park was developed in 1914 by John McLaren, who also designed Golden Gate Park, and had the same long layout with a chain of distinct spaces like little outdoor rooms: open greens, duck ponds, Japanese gardens, tree groves and a grand fountain, built along a natural stream. I’m really looking forward to our next trip up to Ashland, and to spending a little more time in that park!




  • Justine

    I love that last photo!

  • Josh

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  • That train picture is talking to me. I can see it as a modern quilt. I guess you never know when inspiration will strike! I would love to know what drew you to it. : )

  • monaluna

    Hi Adrianne – funny, I had the same thought! There's something about the lines and the blocks of color that I like. It's amazing how much inspiration I find in landscapes when I'm really paying attention, and especially when driving, because it's all flying by so fast.

  • Willard B. Moore, PhD

    Jen: Thanks for the Oregon pictures. Some day you and David must visit Gold Beach,on the Coast. Your mom and I were there once (with you, I think and we bought fresh salmon FOB and cooked it on a simple grill on the beach at sun set.
    It don't git no better'n that!


    Ah! I LOVE Ashland! I've been to that store! And they have one of the BEST yarn stores. I'm so sad my in-laws moved away from Phoenix (Just north of Ashland and S. of Medford.)

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