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another new dress


Finally, 2 weeks after I’d planned, I got a chance to fiddle around with Anabelle’s dress pattern and sew up a new one. Unfortunately, it only managed to underline the fact that I have a much better handle on fabric design than pattern design (or sewing, for that matter!) and I should really just stick to what I know. I did resolve the main issue – the armholes – by finishing with bias tape, and I reduced the volume a bit, but it still isn’t a great pattern. Plus, it really needs some matching bloomers! If anyone is interested, I’ll make a pdf of the pattern and give a little tutorial of my method (such as it is), but you may want to add your own modifications.

In other news, the studio has been super busy this past week! I’m finishing up two new collections and will be sending them off for printing soon. Hopefully I’ll have strike-offs to show before too long! Also, I signed up for Holly Becker’s (of Decor8 blog fabulousness), Blogging Your Way class, so hopefully will be spiffing things up around the blog here soon.

Have a great long weekend!




  • MelanieO

    I took Holly's class – it's fantastic, she's a wonderful person 🙂

    Are the new collections organic?

  • monaluna

    Hi Melanie! Great – I'm really excited about the class! I love Holly's writing and her blogs, and I'm looking forward to getting some pointers. This class is also taught by Leslie Shewring of Color Me Pretty, who does such beautiful work too.

    Yep – the new lines will be organic!

  • Colleen MacDonald

    Adorable dress (and baby).

    I'm so excited to see your strike-offs!

  • DolceDreams

    Once again your model shines! And your fabrics look simply divine… I will be back for more, the monaco line is so popular :)…
    I hope that you are enjoyong your weekend,

  • tammy

    stopping by from BYW, that dress is absolutely adorable (so is the baby!) great color/fabric choices.

  • Lisa

    This is such a great combination of fabrics. She looks so cute in it too!

    Lisa from BYW

  • Dana

    Do you want my Mom to scan the bloomer pattern and send it to you as a reference?

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