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lying low


It has been such a busy time around here lately! I’ve been wanting to change up the scenery here on the blog and add some new posts, but I haven’t even had time to think straight, let alone whip up any remotely interesting projects. In addition to the the usual work business, I’m trying to finish up two new collections, and Anabelle has decided that she needs a little more attention than I’ve been giving her so far. Plus, I’ve been taking a great e-course on blogging, called Blogging Your Way taught by Holly Becker (of Decor8) and Leslie Shewring (of A Creative Mint).

image by Leslie Shewring and Holly Becker from Blogging Your Way

I will be posting over the next couple weeks, but it might be a little more seldom than usual. I’m hoping to put some of the tricks I’m learning into practice soon, though, so may be experimenting a bit. More soon!




  • Jaclyn

    hey fellow BYW student, just wanted to say I love your blog header – how great is that fabric? you've got a great little space here!

  • Jackie

    Whoa! I'm actually a HUGE fan of your fabrics! (I quilt). I'm in the BYW class this month, too. I've been checking out the crafty blogs and realized you were in the class, I'm loving your blog. 🙂

  • monaluna

    Wow – thanks, guys! Your blogs look great, too! It's really fun to see how other students have created their little spaces… so much variety. I wish I had more time right now to devote to the class and projects – I'm getting behind!

  • eileensideways

    love love love all the fabric especially the mixer fabric.

  • BFree

    I wish I was taking that course, I just could not commit. Maybe there will be a next time, I hope.

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