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halfway across america (and back again)


I am finally back in the office this week after a great adventure road tripping halfway across America. Almost 3 weeks ago, my mom, Anabelle and I packed ourselves into my mom’s Prius and drove across the western states to Minneapolis, where my mom lives. It turned out to be quite an experience! I’ve never seen most of the country we drove through, and it was absolutely stunning. Also, we managed to hit the road just as the first of the wintery storms were rolling across the West, so we had dramatic rain in Nevada, hail in Idaho, blizzards and an earthquake (yes, an earthquake – can you believe??) in Wyoming, and frighteningly high winds in Minnesota. We did arrive safely, though, and had a great visit. The flight home was not nearly as dramatic, but by that time I was happy not to get back in the car. The countryside was so beautiful that I found myself dreaming of prints inspired by the landscapes of the West. Maybe a new collection!

And speaking of new collections, check back on Thursday, when I’ll be sharing some sneak peeks of my two upcoming collections, Marin and Anika.

Here are a few photos of the beautiful land between here and there.




South Dakota

Anabelle in her crocodile costume, Halloween in Minneapolis




  • Munaiba

    What stunning countryside. I'm looking forward to seeing how this translates into your fabrics.

  • Emma Thomsen

    Wow, fantastic inspiration! You are so lucky living in such a vast stunning space, I love extreme weather. We're only on a tiny island but the weather still keeps us on our toes. Can't wait to see Marin and Anika, I'm trying to guess what it might be. Roll on Thursday. 🙂

  • daisy janie

    Glad you had a nice trip! Cute crocodile!! We drove from PA to Portland OR 2 summers ago for doughtnuts!!! Seriously. My husband and son love a roadtrip! As laborious as the long driving days were, I loved seeing this gorgeous country of ours in this way!! Nothing compares. Hope you are well!

  • Elsa

    I've done a trips from California to Kansas a few different ways (by car) and always enjoy it and was lucky enough to do it with my Dad! Great photos and looking forward to seeing what you're up to on Thursday!

  • DolceDreams

    Absolutely stunning pictures! What a great trip you must have had with just the girls ~ good bonding!

  • pamela

    Hello from England. I'm still in dreamy state after our first visit to California back in May. Part of that was a road trip – San Francisco to Mendochino (stop three days for wedding) drive east via Clear Lake to Nevada City, stayed over. Then down through Donner Pass, past Lake Tahoe on to Yosemite, stayed two days. Then south to Los Angeles. Visit family, drive up to Lake Arrowhead two days, back to LA two days, then fly home. IT WAS FANTASTIC! I loved everything about your beautiful state, just wished we could've stayed longer. Oh, and we had sun, hail, snow, etc….but no earthquake!

    Love your fabrics too;)
    pamela x

  • monaluna

    Thanks for your comments, guys! It really is amazing how beautiful this country is. I was slightly dreading the trip, as I wasn't sure how a road trip with a 5-month old was going to be, but it turned out to be such a great experience! There is something centering about the road trip experience itself – driving for that long in the company of your own thoughts and co-travelers, and then the stunning landscape was a bonus.

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