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baby got a new pair of shoes!


New year, new shoes! I couldn’t resist sharing a photo of my babe’s first pair of sneaks with you. How cute are these shoes?? Maybe it’s nostalgia – I had a pair, or several, of these when I was wee – but there’s something about the classic red Keds that gets me every time. I tried to order a pair for myself, but they seem to be out of my size. For now, I’m patiently waiting for them to restock…




  • CathyAgent

    How cute is that. Tooooo cute.

  • Claudia

    Oh that is sooo cute. I love the shoes they are just adorable.

  • Little C and Little J

    Good lord she is adorable.

  • Off The Peg

    So cute!

  • Marie

    Very cute! I just bought my little girl and myself some matching rain boots. Gotta do that kind of stuff now before we become way too embarrassing to be seen with 🙂 And that is such a sweet sweater!

  • monaluna

    Thanks, guys! Marie, a friend of my mother's actually knitted that sweater for ME when I was a baby. I love it!

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