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Wow, Friday seems like a loooong time ago! Last weekend had a lot of living stuffed into it, from seeing my friend’s band play in SF on Friday, to major yard work on Saturday and a trip to the Alameda flea market on Sunday – just before watching the Superbowl in San Rafael with some friends. The weather here was incredible, and the flea market was busier than I remember seeing it, plus the vendors had lots of stuff since a couple of the recent markets were rained out.

We had a list of some things we were looking for, but somehow ended up with a completely different assortment of jun- , I mean, stuff. Not on the list, but still useful! … I think. Here’s what we got:

Several sugar, flour and feed sacks that I’m envisioning as cute, graphic summer tops or dresses for Anabelle, pillows and patches for jeans…

… an ornate, previously gilded frame, now painted white, that I’m planning to turn into jewelry storage central (if it works as planned, I’ll post about that one soon…)

… a lace-trimmed European night shirt, supposedly from the late 1800’s. Hmmm… not really sure what I’m going to do with that. My plan was to shorten it and use it as a summer dress, but it does look distinctively night-shirt-y…

… a pretty blue Mason jar, perfect for pink rununculus….

… and an old watering can, which I saw as charming and rustic at the time, but after using it, suspect it might just be old and leaky. The guy swore it didn’t have any holes, but apparently he hadn’t actually tried using it. Ah, well, maybe it’ll be our version of a pink garden flamingo, sort of rustic garden decor.




  • Emma Thomsen

    Ooh super finds! I love having stuff in the cupboard waiting for a project, just the pleasure of daydreaming about what to make with it! 😉

  • DolceDreams

    Oh what a fun day that must have been, and great finds as well! I miss the Alameda, it is one of the best…
    Have fun with your projects!

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