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new growth and new fabric


It’s been a strange week here. I’ve been feeling so sad about the news from Japan, and conscious of the gravity of our country entering a new war. Yet on a personal level I’m feeling the light lengthen as spring arrives, and watching the new growth around me as the trees bud and bloom and my daughter masters standing and tries to talk. I’ve been working on designs for a new collection, a process which always makes me more attuned to the various things influencing me, and right now I’m very aware of the life cycle.

Then, in the midst of my reverie, the FedEx lady arrived yesterday with the long-awaited bulk samples of Marin. Nothing distracts like the first cuts of new fabric, straight off the printer! It’s been raining like crazy, but I managed to get a few photos to share with you. Hopefully I’ll be able to start some sewing projects with them soon!



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