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I’ve been working on a new collection for a while now, and as usual it’s coming together in bits and pieces. I will do a design that I really like, and then go off on a tangent that doesn’t end up relating quite right. Thankfully, I’ve let go of the idea that this type of creative process should be a straight line from point A to point B, but sometimes I still wish it could fit nicely into my timeline.

I heard an interview with Tom Waits on Fresh Air the other day in which he said (essentially) that much of his songwriting comes from mis-hearing something. I thought it was so funny, because I use that technique a lot in my design process. I’ll find myself flipping through a magazine, or quickly perusing a photo-filled website, and then later some half-remembered image will be stuck in my head and spark a new design. Inevitably, when I go back to look at the original image it’s nothing like I remembered, but somehow it tripped my imagination.

One of the things I’ve been interested in doing lately is gathering those creative techniques and thinking about the creative process and how our imagination plays with the images we see daily. Do any of you have tricks you use when designing or brainstorming, or trying to come up with a new idea? I’d love to hear them!

Speaking of images, here are a few photos I took this morning of the little flowerbed in our front yard. As you can see, it’s sunny and very springy today! A perfect way to start the weekend. Enjoy yours!




  • Emma Thomsen

    It's interesting to know where some of your inspiration comes from, thanks for sharing. I love the photos, very cheerful!

  • Britt Bravo

    Beautiful photos!

  • Kristina

    Your entry reminded me of a quote I read recently that I thought inspiring, by Marcel Proust: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

  • mamas collection

    I am always inspired by music…Inspired by need when I design things for new mamas..and always nature when putting together color combinations…

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