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monaco pink prints still available


Although stock is very low, I still have a few yards left of the pink scooters, birds and flowerbed. I took them off the website, as quantities are so limited, but if anyone would like some of these prints just send me an email!

In other news, I’m expecting the new collections this afternoon, and I’m so excited I can hardly sit still! If they do get here, I’ll post about them tomorrow.




  • Emma Thomsen

    Hmm Monaco, my favourite. Looking forward to seeing your new collection! Woohoo!

  • Kelly

    I couldn't find your e-mail on this page. If you still have any of the pink flowerbed fabric I would LOVE to order it! You can send me an e-mail at growingupwild(at.) yahoo (,dot) com

  • Anonymous

    Do you still have the pink birds available? I need 3 yards… rockytopdesign (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Anonymous

    Are any of these fabrics still available? I would need 1 yard of each of the 3 patterns. Please email me at andreaskaggs(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thank You in advance for your reply.

  • PinkVespa63

    Do you have any of the pink scooter fabric left?

  • Anonymous

    I'm also looking for the pink birds fabric. I can't seem to find it anywhere. If you have any left, please email me at holly[at]small-potatoes[dot]ca

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