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ashley’s monaco quilt


I was just perusing some of my favorite blogs while sipping my first cup of coffee, when I saw that one of my favorite quilters, Ashley from Film in the Fridge, posted a gorgeous quilt that she made with the Monaco fabrics! What a nice start to the morning! If you don’t know her work, Ashley makes gorgeous modern quilts that always make me want to buy fabric and do something worthy with it. In fact, she’s fueled more fabric-buying sprees than I care to think about, especially when I consider how little I’ve actually done with all that fabric. (Yet. I see good things in the future… ) Here’s a little peek, but check out the full post here.

Have a great weekend!




  • Emma Thomsen

    How utterly gorgeous, I love wonky perfection (if you know what I mean)!

  • Monkeys in my pocket

    LOL! I rushed online yesterday and bought a half yard pack of this line and Anika!! Couldn't help myself after seeing that quilt!

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