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One of my UK customers, Isabel Knowles, just sent me photos of the gorgeous line of dresses she’s making using Monaluna fabrics, and I thought I’d share them with you. Aren’t they lovely? I adore the fox-lined vest, too! You can see Isabel’s website here, and check out her blog here.




  • Isabel Knowles

    Thanks! It wouldn't be possible for me to make them without your lovely fabric. I'm having a sample sale as well right now.

  • Colleen MacDonald

    Fantastic! I love them all, and the final fox photo is terrific. These garments really showcase the flexibility of your prints. What a nice collaboration.

  • Emma Thomsen

    So feminine, but the fabrics make them more kookie rather than sugary! Great stuff!

  • Silvina (Enlunada)

    LOVELY, LOVELY fabrics! wonderful colors!!! (I also loved your garden!! what an inspiration! and Anika is the greatest model!

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