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happy holidays!


I’ve been all caught up in the bustle and hum of the holidays this year. I’ve had lots of things I’ve wanted to post about – the makings of a new Marin quilt (not yet done), Anabelle’s first Christmas cookie making experience, and lots of thoughts about making and the holidays and new beginnings. It’s been exciting to tackle the holidays with a toddler this year (though “exciting” isn’t the word I would have chosen the other afternoon when I was trying to wrap gifts and the ribbons were suddenly unrolled and everywhere, the tape had been used to resurface the floors, and the scissors, *gasp*, were nowhere to be found … until they turned up much later hidden in a box inside another box). It puts the holidays in a new perspective in all kinds of ways. I’m embracing it all, but also looking forward to the new year and a fresh slate, some new goals and a thorough housecleaning. We celebrated the solstice on Wednesday with some good friends and a (small) bonfire, and as I looked out over our brown winter garden I felt real joy at the thought of the days lengthening and the sun returning. I’m excited for this new year and the new growth it will bring. Happy holidays, everyone!



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