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new sewing project – the marin quilt


Over the last few months I’ve been doing a lot of wistful thinking about the old days when I had more time to do sewing projects and little tutorials for the blog. That sure was fun. Right before I went home for Christmas, I got all inspired by a quilting post on Posie Gets Cozy and decided to start a quilt for my mom using some of her favorite Marin prints. Of course, when I started it, I actually thought I might finish it in time for Christmas, but that was just silly. I forget how much slower quilting goes when you have a toddler. So here it is, early January, and one of my New Years resolutions is to finish it before March. Here’s a photo of some of the first blocks, and I’ll post more photos as I make progress. Once I’m done, I’ll post the full project and pattern. Wish me luck!




  • Emma Thomsen

    Ooh Good Luck! Sometimes sewing can feel like you're doing it in slow mo' with children around. Can't wait to see the end result. I've been on a Blogging Break so it's lovely to drop by again.

  • Nancy Lee

    I just discovered you!!! I love, love, love your Taail, just blogged about you on my Adirondack Modern Quilt blog, and I am going to order fabric and make some cool stuff for my new shop in NY. We have all handcrafted goods, so I am inspired by what I can make with your gorgeous fabrics!! They are my new favorites!
    Nancy Dunn
    Seven Sisters Gift Shop
    North Creek, NY

  • Nancy Lee

    Whoops!!! Taali!! Sorry!

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