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Happy Monday


Happy Monday, everyone! Wow, this weekend went by fast. I’ve been sitting here wondering where it went, but a quick look at my iphoto gives me a good idea – we packed a lot in! Anabelle got her first (real) haircut on Saturday (I decided against giving her another home haircut after stumbling across this hilarious blog post), we pruned the roses and cleaned up the yard, we cleaned the house (though I swear you’d never know it now), I sewed a new dress for Anabelle, and we took a lot of photos. We made soup, went to the gym, I met with some other creative women for our monthly creativity/business gab fest, and I packed up a bunch of orders. Whew! I promised Dave that we’d have some quiet weekends in January, but that hasn’t really happened. Maybe in February…

Here are some photos of Belle in her new dress. It’s Kwik Sew #3775, sewn with Taali Mixed Apples and Dotty.




  • FabricWorm

    Wow Jen, Anabelle is getting so big! The dress is almost as cute as she is!!

  • Emma Thomsen

    Fabulous dress, Anabelle is looking so grown up… that's when we truly ask 'where did the time go?' E x

  • claudia

    Hello from overseas – I loooooove your fabric design. Do I get your fabrics in Germany as well?

    And please…is their a downloadable pattern to this extremely cute dress your daughter is wearing? It looks so interesting.

    Best wishes for a beautiful spring!

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