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driven to distraction


I discovered a great new DIY toy today, perfect for distracting the little helper while I’m working in my office. I came across some old felt appliquéd farm animals that I had left over from a previous job, and remembering the old Feltkids toys, I realized I could make a little farm playboard for Anabelle. I cut out a piece of felt large enough to stretch across the bottom portion of the office door, pinned it in place, and added a simple barn and the appliqué animals. She eventually became fascinated with unpinning it (I might have to figure out a sturdier attachment), but it was super easy and bought me at least a half hour of focused work time!




  • Beth

    How great! And such a simple and fun toy!

  • monaluna

    Hi Beth – it worked well! It helped that I already had the animals on hand, but I don't think it needs to be anything so detailed – she just had fun sticking things on there and rearranging.

  • Brenda

    I made those for my kids and nieces — I also cut out letters and shapes and people that they could dress. fun!

  • Juffertje Uil

    It looks great. I also have a toddler around me when I'm working. I should definitely try it.

  • Alison

    I love that! I'm totally going to make one with my (slightly older) girls.

    One (possibly silly) question though – do the felt animals just stick to the felt board on their own? Or did you have to use something on the back of them?

    • monaluna

      They actually just stick! It's not a strong bond, but makes them easy to move around, and is easier than attaching something. If you wanted a stronger bond, you could get little stick-on velcro circles at a fabric store.

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