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where did May go?? quilt market recap


And just like that, it’s summer! Our lovely trip to Mexico was followed up by two (extremely) busy weeks getting ready for Quilt Market, and finally an adventure-filled trip to Kansas City! I had every intention of regularly posting the activities on the blog, but clearly that didn’t happen. Must get better about that!

This was our third time at Quilt Market, and in some ways we’re starting to get the hang of it. Still, it’s always an incredible hubub of inspiration and eye candy, meeting new people and seeing friends, socializing and selling and visiting. I had much less time to walk the show that I did the last two times, which is ultimately a good thing (we were busy!), but sadly didn’t get photos of all the inspiring booths and quilts. There was so much great stuff! I will say that Melody Miller’s booth knocked my socks off, though. I did get a few photos of our booth:

and after!

All our little gnomes and creatures now have homes scattered around our garden, and I crack up every time I see them. I never figured myself for the lawn ornament type, but I have to say that I LOVE them!

One really sad thing about the show is that the adorable dresses that were made for the booth by the amazing Kirsty of Wild Things Dresess disappeared from the hotel before I even got to see them! Kirsty had sent them from the UK, and I was beyond excited to see them, but alas, it was not to be. Luckily, Kirsty sent photos, so here’s a little peek at what could have been:

SO cute, right? *sigh*. Hopefully some little girl somewhere has ended up with some darned cute dresses. And luckily for us, Ann from Olive Ann Designs had whipped up a few samples for the booth as well, and you can see their Foxy and Stripey nighties in the photos above.

This was my first time to Kansas City, and I have to say that I really liked it! Anabelle turned two on the first day of the show, and we made our way into the Power and Light district to have dinner. There happened to be a blues band playing on the street, and Anabelle went nuts for the music! We ended up dancing for about an hour before finally finding a spot for a little birthday dinner. Such a nice night!

Anabelle turns 2




  • Cherie

    Great looking booth. It's such a shame those little outfits went missing. If you had a tracking number you would have been able to locate where they went.
    Hope your daughter had a great birthday =D

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