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New Beginnings


Happy New Year, everybody! I know it’s a bit overdue, but I’ve spent January taking a step back, making some decisions and putting things in place to start fresh… beginning in February. The big news: I’m finally going to move Monaluna out of my home and into a studio/shop downtown! It’s going to be a big step, but one that I’m so, so ready for. We’ve been bursting at the seams here, and this will give the business the chance to really grow and become more efficient. It also means that I’ll have an actual showroom and storefront, for local shop owners and peeps who want to see and touch the fabric rather than just buying it online. I’m pretty excited about that! We’re going to be putting a lot of work into the space over the next month or two, and I’ll be posting plenty of before and after photos as we go.


Along with the new space, there will be some new faces, a new approach to our blog and newsletters, and lots of fun new designs. I’m feeling really excited about the coming projects, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you!


In the meantime, just look at what is already happening outside my window:

new beginnings


That magnolia tree is always the first whisper of spring in our garden. I planted tulip bulbs for the first time last fall, and I’ve been checking them daily (well, multiple times daily, actually – it makes me happy) urging on the little buds that are just now pushing through the dirt. We’re all getting ready to sprout some showy new blossoms.



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