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Welcome, February


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I know that January is technically the first month of the year, but I always find myself thinking of it as more of a pause. January is a chance to catch your breath from the craziness that was the holidays, pick up the confetti and start thinking ahead to the new year. Make a few resolutions, give them a trial run, and revise. By the first of February, I usually find myself finally feeling ready to plunge into the blue yonder that is the New Year. So, happy 2016, everybody!


The dust is still settling over here from a 2015 full of change. We found our new studio space, spent all spring and summer (and most of the fall, too) spiffing it up, moved in, hired new employees, and finally opened up the shop at the end of September. Although I wanted to be able to do all of that without missing a beat, I found myself stepping back a bit, writing less, spending less time on social media, and even skipping a couple of trade shows. I had to recognize that I couldn’t make so many changes without slowing the pace a little.


Now it’s February and I finally feel ready to step it up a bit. Our newest collection, the Anya Knits, just arrived yesterday and we have a bunch of fun tutorials lined up to share here on the blog over the coming months. I’m just finishing up our next collection, and there’s another in the wings, so I’ll be sharing some sneak peeks soon! And we’ve added a new trade show to our circuit this year and will be at the L.A. Textile Show – booth #2012 if any of you will be there. I’m enjoying the energy I stored up over my January pause, and I’m excited to share our new projects with you!




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