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Tutorial: Make This Simple Organic Knit Maxi Skirt!


Simple Knit Maxi Skirt Tutorial

Now that our new Anya Knits are in, we’ve been using them to sew up all kinds of cute projects in the studio. One of our favorites is this simple maxi skirt, which can be made in about an hour using right around 1 yard of our new, wider knits. It’s super comfy, and a perfect weight for spring. Here’s the tutorial for you by Mindy Lechman!


You will need:

  • 60”-wide knit fabric to measure (see step 2)

  • 1 ½” elastic (enough to fit waist, see step 1)

  • Sewing machine or serger and matching thread

  • measuring tape

  • chalk or fabric marker

  • ruler

Step by step guide:

  1. To determine the size of the top edge of your pattern, measure your waist at the point you like your waistband to fall. Write that number down, add 2” (seam allowance) and divide by 2 to get the length of your waistline on your pattern. Subtract ½” from your waist measurement to determine how much elastic is needed.


waist measurement = ________ + 2” = __________ ÷ 2 = __________ pattern measurement

waist measurement = ________ – ½” = ___________ amount of elastic needed


  1. To determine the length, measure from that point on your waist to the desired length. I wanted mine about 2” from the floor. Add 1” and write that number down. This measurement is the amount of fabric you will need. Mine came to 36”, so I will need 1 yard of 60”-wide knit fabric.

length measurement = __________ + 1” = _____________


  1. Wash and dry your fabric, then cut to the length determined in step 2.

  2. Lay your fabric out, folded in half, selvage to selvage. Measure or fold in half again to find the center and mark with a pin. Using your chalk/marker, mark your waist pattern measurement, centered over the pin. For example, my waist calculation is 16” (30” + 2” = 32” ÷2 = 16”), so I marked 8” to the left and right of the pin.knit maxi diagram

  3. Using a yardstick and chalk/marker, connect your waist marks to the edges of the fabric.

  4. knit maxi tutorial step 5

    Leaving the fabric folded on the selvedge, cut out. knit maxi tutorial step 6You will end up with both the front and back sides of the skirt ready to sew.knit maxi tutorial step 6a

  5. Place right sides together, then sew the side seams using a ½” seam allowance. knit maxi tutorial step 7

  6. Overlap the elastic by ½” and zig zag over both raw edges to make a continuous band. lay the band flat and mark midpoints – these marks will line up with the side seams.knit maxi tutorial step 8

  7. Place the elastic along the right side of the waist of the skirt, pinning midpoints to side seams,  and stitch to attach. Use a longer stitch length and stretch the elastic slightly and evenly as you go. If you are using a standard machine rather than a serger, use a zigzag stitch here. knit maxi tutorial step 9

  8. Turn the elastic to the inside. Tack the elastic down at the side seams to hold in place.knit maxi tutorial step 10

  9. Try on your skirt and hem if desired. You may want to leave the bottom edge raw or hem it up for a more finished look.

  10. Optional: Add patch pockets!


Let us know if you try this and how it turned out!




  • Elisabeth Perkins

    If you wanted to make a knee length skirt would about 1/2 yard if fabric work?

    • Mindy Lechman

      Hi Elisabeth,
      It depends on your height and where you like your skirt to sit on your waist. I am on the taller side, and if I used 1/2 yd of fabric, the skirt would fall 5-6″ above my knee. The best way to know is to hold a tape measure at your waist, measure to the desired length, and add 1″ to allow for adding the elastic and hemming the base. If you don’t have a tape measure, you could use string, and then measure with a ruler. I hope this helps, and that you make this skirt!

      • Elisabeth Perkins


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