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Happy Earth Day! Organic Fabric Giveaway and Friday Cuteness


Happy Earth Day, everybody! While we here at Monaluna like to think that every day is Earth Day, we thought we’d honor the occasion by giving away a bundle of our organic, earth-friendly fabric. Just leave a comment in our comments section to enter to win a fat quarter bundle of the springy organic fabrics pictured here!

organic cotton fat quarters


And just to brighten your Friday, I’d like to introduce you to the newest members of the Monaluna family, Buttercup, Elsie and Louise!

Baby Chick Triptych

They arrived a couple of weeks ago, and have already grown lots, filling my days with the sound of chirping and peeping. They’re cute but noisy companions.




  • Susan Seal

    Gorgeous fabrics! Thank you! Love the chicks! Two of ours are named Thelma and Louise 😉

  • Carol S.

    What beautiful fabric! I’ m thinking about the possibilities! Thank you for the chance to win.

  • Marci

    Love the new books in the store too. I bought some Wheatgrass fabric to make a top from the “Sweet dress book” I just picked up the other day in your store.

    • Jennifer Moore

      Thanks for stopping by the store, Marci! I’d love to see the top when you’re done! I’ve made a few garments from those books, and I love them. Not too hard once you get the hang of picking out the correct pattern pieces from the layout. :p

  • Susan

    Love your fresh and fruity collection. Beautiful as always:)

  • Danuta Richards

    I have purchased Monoluna’s cotton and cotton knit fabric and love the quality and the beautiful colors and patterns. Better yet, the service and concern that my order was perfect was top shelf. I look forward to my next order. The chicks are adorable as well. Danuta

    • Jennifer Moore

      Thank you, Danuta! I’m so glad you’re happy with the service! 🙂

  • LadyD

    Here’s to the cute “girls” at the bottom of your post, and to the lovely fabric. Would love to win the bundle.

  • Laurie

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Happy Earth Day!

  • Linda

    The chicks are adorable! I have loved your fabrica for quite sometime!

    • Jennifer Moore

      Thanks, Linda. I’m so glad you like the fabric!

  • Barb

    The fabric bundle is so pretty and the chicks are so cute!

  • Sheryle Augustine

    Thanks for the contest. I love your pick of fabrics – bright, sunny and springy. Plus the chicks are adorable.

  • suzannelloyd

    Beautiful colors, would love to create something with it…
    love the chicks…

  • Ruth L

    Baby chicks are so adorable – great names too! Love your selection of Spring fabrics!

  • Martha P Smith

    What a beautiful bunch of fat quarters! Here’s hoping!

  • stephanie costello

    would love some earth day fabric. feeling a tee shirt coming along.

  • Judith Martinez

    What a great giveaway! Those are super cute chicks.

  • Janiece Prieur

    Monaluna has some of the most beautiful fabrics. And the fabric is so soft. Plus I love that the cotton is organic. Wonderful

  • Sadie

    Happy Earth Day! Is there any better way to celebrate than with fabric and chickens? (Maybe fabric with a chicken print?)

  • Dawn Voegeli

    Lovely fabric bundle and cutest photos!

    • Melanie Clark

      Such cute chicks! I’m making my living room curtains out of your Haven Birdies fabric, BTW.

  • Betsy P

    So cute (the chicks are too). Beautiful and vibrant fabrics.

  • Crystal P

    I love all your fabrics! I could look at them all day. We’ve been tossing around the idea of getting some chickens. It’s good to see others are doing it.

  • Becky N.

    These fabrics are so fun! Makes me want to make a reusable lunch bag or something fun like this!

  • Paula

    I love your fabrics and I love that your are celebrating Earth Day!

  • Molly Smith

    My 7mo old daughter says she needs that Apple print for a new spring top! Happy Earth Day!

  • Katie Ganoe

    Adorable chicks. Beautiful fabric!

  • Jean

    Lovely little chicks and gorgeous fabric! Just love using monaluna.

  • Jonquil

    Elsie looks like a Silkie. What is Louise? What a lovely selection of fabrics ?

  • Doris McCarty

    I remember baby chicks from my childhood. I loved it when my mom let me hold them. How cute! Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  • Karen Addleman

    Your little chicks are so cute. The fabric you’re giving away is pretty cute too.

  • Kate B.

    Such sweet little chicks. Happy Earth Day!

  • Erin McSweeney

    oh what a beautiful earth day bundle, thanks for the giveaway

  • Sarah J

    Oh those little ones are so cute! It is amazing how much sound can come out of such a little ball of fluff though. Lovely bundle- so cheerful!

  • Wendy Hatton

    I’d love some cute little companions at my place. Beautiful colours and patterns.

  • Karen

    Such cute chicks and fabric too.

  • Megan

    Aw love the chicks! Spring is here, even in the AK 😉

  • Donna

    What adorable little chicks! I’m crazy about your gorgeous organic fabric!

  • Emily

    Super pretty fabric collection and the fluffy feet on the chick is adorable!

  • Kate Olson

    Happy Spring! The baby chicks are adorable, and so are your fabrics!

  • Kris Valle

    I love your fabrics so much! Your noisy chirppers are adorable!!

  • Linda Nelson

    Elsie is the cutest!

  • Laura

    What a pretty set of fabrics. I’m glad we now have the option of organically grown cotton fabrics.

  • Jenn H

    oh my gosh! your new gals are adorable! and that’s perfect springy fabric! 🙂

  • Amy

    Baby chicks are a sure sign of Spring to me!

  • Navarre

    loving your latest collections. nice giveaway! super cute chicks. happy earth day!

  • Debbie Chenoweth

    Love your fabrics. The chicks are adorable.

  • Jennifer Essad

    thank you so much for sharing with your followers on this Earth Day. The fabrics are gorgeous and the “Chicks” adorable

  • Natalie F

    Beautiful fabric. The chics are cute too. I remember all of the chics we had growing up. Peepers, Cheepers, Keepers, and weepers. Ha!

  • Becky

    Awww…your companions are so cute! I love Elsie’s little feathery feet. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  • sher

    cheery colors!

  • Peggy Gibbs

    Would love to win this beautiful fabric for my charity sewing. Thanks!

  • Nancy

    Precious babies! Love, love the fabric!!

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