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Scrappy Organic Fabric Ornament Tutorial


Scrappy Monaluna Fabric Ornaments


Want a fun, Christmas-y project this weekend? Need handmade gifts for loved ones? Have some scrap fabric to use? Here’s a solution: make scrappy fabric ornaments!


This week, 6-year-old Anabelle got clear instructions from the elf in her advent calendar to make some new ornaments for our tree. (Yes, the elf leaves her notes in the advent calendar. The hoops we create for ourselves at Christmas time really are amazing…) Luckily, I just happened to have some fabric scraps around, and a little extra time. (Fabric scraps are plentiful around here, but time less-so). Together we designed and stitched up these simple, soft ornaments. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial:


Step 1: take scrap fabric and cut in strips of varying width, but between 1/2″ and 2 inches, and about 1- 1 1/2 inches longer than you want the largest point of your ornament to be (ours were about 6 inches). They don’t need to be straight or even – a little wonkiness can be extra cute.


Step 2: sew the strips together along the long edges to create a square or rectangle of scrap fabric. Trim if necessary. Press seams open or flat.


Scrappy Monaluna Fabric Ornaments


Step 3: find a coordinating backing fabric of about the same size, and match it to your scrappy square (or rectangle, depending on desired ornament shape) with right sides facing. Pin fabrics together.

Scrappy Monaluna Fabric Ornaments

Step 4: Cutting freehand or using a pre-sketched template, cut out your desired ornament shapes. We did a modern tree, heart and star, but you could try simple circles, candy canes, snowmen, little houses… anything you like, as long as it’s not too complicated to turn

Scrappy Monaluna Fabric Ornaments

Step 5: Stitch close to the edge of your shape (about 1/4 inch) almost all the way around, leaving a 1-2 inch turning hole. Clip corners and curves to get sharp points and a clean edge.


Step 6: Turn the ornament right-sides-out, using a chopstick or other softly-pointed tool to get the corners and edges.


Step 7: Stuff with polyfill or cotton balls and stitch up the turning hole.


Step 8: Using an embroidery needle and yarn or twine, stitch a hanging loop to the top of your ornaments. Alternately, use ribbon or rickrack (as we did here) and secure with a couple of loops of thread. Hang on the tree and enjoy!

Scrappy Monaluna Fabric Ornaments





  • Honey

    I’m having a hard time getting in the “spirit” this year. I’m going to make each of my grandchildren an ornament with an embroidered initial as gift tags. Thanks for posting this great idea; it will start making me feel like getting the decorations put up.

    • Jennifer Moore

      Thanks for your comment, Honey! I’m glad this gave you a little inspiration, and I love the idea of adding the embroidery. Making things always helps me get in the Christmas mood (and the 6-year-old breathlessly counting down the days helps too). Wishing you the happiest holiday, in whatever form it takes!

  • Grandma Linda

    Thank you VERY much! I’ve been looking all over the web = trying to find something like this. I have quite a bit of Holiday fabric, and I want to make some ornaments!

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