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Product Spotlight: Hiroshima Embroidery Needles


Hiroshima Embroidery Needles

At Monaluna, we look for quality products that offer something special. Hiroshima needles are exactly that. Crafted through a 30-step process, these needles are exceptionally sharp, smooth, flexible, and strong. They pierce and glide through fabric effortlessly thanks to a special high density abrasive polished treatment.

The Hiroshima factory uses a metal tempering process that gives the needles just the right amount of flexibility, and ensures they’re resistant to bending or breaking. This means you can stitch for hours with less fatigue, and the needle with return to its straight shape, even as its manipulated through fabric.

Another thing we like about these needles is their larger than average and ultra-smooth eye, as this makes threading easier. Hiroshima needles come in durable clear labeled containers that look like a small test tube and help keep you organized. We stitched up this sweet little flower cluster on organic linen using wool floss and a Hiroshima embroidery needle. We also carry assorted Sashiko and Quilting needles to best suit your project needs.



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