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Hello, from home! I hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy. For weeks, month now, I’ve been feeling social media-averse, choosing to focus inward and on Real Life. Each time I’ve felt the desire to post, it seemed there was too much new information to convey, too much change to sum up in a sound bite.

But a funny thing happed when we were forced to slow down and stay home: I’ve started to love social media again! The community, inspiration and humor here has a beauty all it’s own, and I’ve missed being a part of it. It’s so needed right now. So I’m back. A little differently, though. I’m going to be posting about all the creative life stuff I’m doing over here, and not just fabric (though there will be some of that too). I hit a point last year where I realized I had stopped doing so many of the things I love to do, because there just wasn’t time for it all. But as a creative person, those little joys feed me and help fill the well I draw from to do my work. I’ve decided to take the time to explore those areas again – from cooking to gardening to creative reuse and herbalism, and to share those pursuits on the blog along with the fabric-focused ones. I hope you can bear with me. 

The fig branches in the photo are some that I pruned from our tree shortly before we were shut in. To my surprise, they seem to be very happy with their new accommodations, and have put down roots. (Can I plant them? And where will I find room for a new fig tree?) It feels like a good analogy, as we all try to settle in to home, and enjoy where we are. 




  • Tammy Kendall

    The fig branch getting it’s “roots” is a new beginning! Where I work (well remotely at home for the time), we celebrated the simple things of the earth and how we are now, to recognize Earth Day 2020! During our staff meeting we showed our homemade or printed signs, plants or trees we just planted or raised garden beds with the hopes of the bounty they will some day bring. Always enjoy the beauty that this earth brings to us! Stay healthy and stay safe!

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