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Modern Love Organic Fabric


So, I had planned out this blog post for early December when we got our Modern Love collection in, but between Covid concerns, the holidays and an extremely pokey resident sewist (ahem, that would be me), we only just pulled off the photoshoot, and I do love to show the fabrics on people. (Thankfully, Mindy is a faster sewist than I am or it would be July before I got it done!) But I do want to put the collection up here before we’re completely sold out. It’s been really popular! So popular that I’m hoping to do a whole new colorway… more on that soon. For now, here’s some Modern Love (in Blue) eye candy.

This collection had started out as a group of stylized florals and geometrics, but it lacked a spark, so I polled my 10-year-old daughter and her best friend on what fabrics they wanted to see. On their advice (fabrics with Foxes, deer and cats), I added the Twilit forest and Cool Cats, plus the small scale print that became the Woodland Floral prints, and suddenly they all worked together really nicely.

The Matcha Top by Sew Liberated in our Woodland Floral Dawn print

The fabrics are all poplin, and as always, the fabric is 100% GOTS-certified organic. However, unlike most of our collections in the past, this one is printed digitally. That makes very little difference to the fabric quality, but it is even more eco-friendly than screen printing, as there is less water usage and less waste.

The Mississippi Avenue Dress by Sew House Seven in our Modern Meadow print

Although all of the samples shown here are clothing, the fabrics are perfect for quilting too, as well as lots of home decor projects and other crafts. The pokey sewist is going to work on a patchwork project next! 😉

Our Lila Lounge Pants (pdf pattern coming soon!) in the Liliana print



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