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Travel Journal Sketchbook Share: Ireland in Gouache on Paper

Rowboat, Connamara, Ireland

It’s been too quiet around here, guys! May saw a flurry of activity as I finished up my next collection for Windham Fabrics (sneak peek coming soon!), and then the day after the daughter finished her 7th-grade school year we all hopped on a plane to Ireland for a long, much-needed and incredibly beautiful vacation. I know I’ve said this here before, but it’s truly amazing how restorative a few weeks away can be. Even though the trip involved a lot of traveling and bustling, I came home with so much more energy and inspiration. This was one of those big, milestone trips, but even a few nights away in a tent can give you a new perspective, especially these days when so many of us are still working, living and playing in the same space. I’m making a mental note to plan little getaways at regular intervals.

Since we returned, I’ve started a new fabric collection (it may or may not be Ireland-inspired), but I’ve also been capturing some of the images and memories from our trip in gouache on paper. I thought I’d share some of them here. I realized that I never did any follow-up posts to my 100-days-of-painting project, but I’m recommitting to a daily painting practice, so I’m planning to do regular sketchbook shares going forward (saying it helps make it true, right?).

Admittedly, my subject matter leans heavily toward sheep and cows – I was a little obsessed with all the animals wandering around, and on more than one occasion, tried to pet them. I got some well-deserved side-eye from the locals, and I could almost hear the muttered comments of “blanking eejit”.

We returned from Ireland exactly a month ago, and it’s time to move on and start painting something other than images from my beloved vacation. I’ve had a little trouble letting go, but I think I can find some new ways to channel all the inspiration I found there. In the meantime, enjoy the paintings!

Sheep on Hill, Connemara, Ireland

Cottage, Kilkenny, Ireland

Cows, County Cork, Ireland

Farmhouse, West Co. Cork, Ireland

Sheep grazing, Ireland

Yellow Door, Dingle, Ireland

Beara Peninsula, Ireland

Irish Cow

Small Rowboat, Connemara, Ireland

Irish Cow, Pensive

Beaches of Connemara

Beaches of Connemara

Eyeries, Ireland

Dunquin Pier, Ireland

Dingle Peninsula




  • Barbara Tenley

    Hi Jen:
    Love all the drawings and your writing ,as usual,is so good….
    Cannot wait to see the next collection.
    Sending much love,
    A Barb

    • Jennifer Moore

      Thanks, Aunt Barb! 🙂 I’m getting ready to show a peek at the next collection this week! XOXO

  • C

    So enjoyed your paintings. They took me back to my own travel to Ireland a handful of years ago. Beautiful countryside. You captured the scenery with talented effort and joy! Thanks for sharing.

    • Jennifer Moore

      Thank you so much, C! It was such an inspiring place for me. It had been a while since I painted landscapes – I had forgotten how much I love that!

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