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Tablescaping: Pretty Floral Plate Designs


This week I’ve been working on designs for some pretty floral plates, based on some of my recent print designs. I started out with some loose sketches, and once I started painting I realized that they reminded me a little of the plates that my grandma had when I was growing up. They were called Franciscan Apple, and they were the centerpiece of every gathering when we visited my mom’s family in Michigan. It’s amazing how much memory and emotion a plate design can trigger. Here’s a visual, and just imagine summers and Christmases with these plates piled with all the best Kentucky (via Michigan) native recipes and treats.

My set isn’t done yet, and now that I see these plates in front of me they’re really not that similar, but it’s funny how all of those early inspirations stay in your head. Here are my loose first-passes at a floral tableware collection.



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