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New project tutorial: How to sew our Simple Patchwork Wall Hanging


We have a new free pattern on the website! The pattern uses the cheater panel from the new In the Garden collection to make this cool, modern wall hanging, and best of all, it comes together really quickly. You can check the pattern out here, or follow the steps below to sew your own piece of fabric art.


-One patchwork star panel from the In the Garden collection, cut with the full 1″ border (on the selvedge side, cut 1/2″ into the selvedge to ensure there is a 1″ border.

-One backing piece, cut to the same size as the patchwork panel

-One piece of batting, cut about 1″ larger than the front and back pieces

-One rectangle of fabric that will become the hanging loop, cut to 6×18″ (this size can be varied, just make sure that once it’s folded over, it can comfortably accommodate the size of your hanging dowel).

-Tassel trim, or handmade tassels (see below for instructions).

To Make Tassels

To make the tassels: First, wrap your desired yarn around your hand 10 times. Clip the yarn.

Next, tie a 6″ piece of yarn around the center of your looped yarn, creating two smaller loops, and knot. This string will become the hanging string for your tassel.

Then fold both loops of the tassel down away from the knot, which will now be centered at the top. Finally, tie another string around both loops and wrap 3 or 4 times. Knot this and clip the bottom of the loops to create your tassel.



Create the hanging loop:

Turn under the short sides of the hanging loop rectangle by 1/4″ and press. Fold over another 1/4″ and press again. Topstitch close to the edge to secure hem. You should have a rectangle with two raw long sides and two short sides that are neatly hemmed. Then, fold the rectangle in half so the long raw edges meet and the short hemmed edges are facing. Press along the fold.


Sandwich the layers together:

-First, lay the batting on your surface

-Then, place the backing face up on top of the batting.

-Next, center the hanging panel and the tassels or tassel trim on top of the back panel. These will be sandwiched between the back and front panels of the wall hanging.

For the hanging panel, ensure that the long, raw edges are aligned with the top edge of the backing panel.

For the tassels, the hanging strings or top of the trim tape should align or point off the lower edge of the backing, and the tassels themselves should point toward the center of the backing. If using individual tassels, arrange as desired and pin in place.

-Place the front panel on top of everything, face down, and pin all three layers together, at edges and also a few in the center of the panel to keep it from shifting.


Starting on one of the sides, Stitch around the edge of the whole panel with a 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving a 3″ turning hole. Ensure that you are catching all the tassels in your seam. When you have stitched all around the edge, stitch over the tassel edge again to make sure that the tassels are secured.


Clip the corners close to the stitching, but taking care not to cut the thread. Trim the excess seam allowance to 1/3″ all the way around. Then turn right side out through the turning hole. Push out corners with a chopstick or the eraser end of a pencil (or similar). Press.


Sew up the turning hole.


Pin all layers together again and topstitch over the shapes on the star as desired. You can stitch all of them, or just highlight certain shapes. Finally, topstitch around the border edge.


Thread a suitable hanging dowel through the hanging loop and hang as desired.



Comments, questions? We'd love to hear from you!

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