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It took forever, but I finally got Anabelle to sit down with me and make some fabric face masks last week. She’s been a little sewing-resistant, but the lure of picking her own fabric, and the increasing sense of boredom with sheltering-in-place, eventually won out. It’s a really easy project for beginning sewists, and it’s quick, so there’s that immediate reward thing. She picked the Spots fabric for herself (pale pink with metallic gold dots), I chose There Be Dragons, and we used the Arrows print for Dave, who loves that red-orange color.

We used a combination of online tutorials, but eventually landed on a customized version of this one, with modified sizing. Although these are pretty good, I think I’m going to tinker a bit this week and try to improve, and maybe work on one using our knits, which are really soft and dense. I think they will make great masks, once I perfect a pattern.

Now that we’ve sewn some for ourselves, I’m getting ready to sew more to share. It’s a great project project if you have a machine, some fabric scraps and a little time to spare!

With all the excitement over the arrival of Wanderlust and Bloom, I haven’t properly celebrated the arrival of some highly requested reprints. Our ever popular Pink Delicious print from the Juicy Collection is now back in stock, as well as Swim from Under the Sea, and Swoop from Anya.

Pink Delicious by Monaluna

It used to be that we almost never reprinted designs, because it seemed to make more sense to introduce new designs. More and more, though, we’re getting consistent requests to reprint, and we always try to accommodate, so if there’s a print you want to see back in stock, let us know!
Swim Organic Fabric by Monaluna

For now, I’m glad to have these lovelies back on the shelves.

Swoop Organic Fabric by Monaluna