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easy d.i.y.: quilt hoop fabric frame


I’ve had an old quilt hoop banging around in my fabric closet for years now. I’ve used it a couple of times, but usually it lives between my light box and my pattern basket, and falls off the shelf regularly. Very irritating. The last time it fell, I just about tossed it in the bag of clothes waiting to go to goodwill when I had an idea: it would make a good frame for fabric! I’ve loved the framed fabrics I’ve seen around lately, and have one of my favorite Kokka prints hanging in my office. The hoop makes it really easy to switch fabrics out regularly, and is a great way to use extra scraps (this hoop is about 15″, but an 18″ would be even better). If you don’t have one, they’re available at craft and fabric stores for about $5 or $6.

My office with my favorite Kokka fabric:

For a nice Real Simple how-to on stretching fabric on a traditional frame, click here.




  • Amelia

    wow, your office is so tidy. I really like the fabric in hoop idea.

  • Sophie

    oh I love the square hoops. I just tried to make them and I like them– so easy. Look at my blog for the ones I did I’d love to hear what you think

    also where did u get a square fabric hoop

  • I really love this idea! I just posted a link to this post on my blog. What kind of frame did you use for the middle photo?

  • monaluna

    Hi Christine!
    It's just a simple black metal frame from the art store. I think I got it at a Dick Blick's. I got it fitted with glass at a hardware store, but you don't really need the glass for framing fabric.

  • janeen

    cute blog 🙂 just came across it… i love this idea and really want to try it.. so pretty!

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