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Here’s another recent monaluna fabric creation: a new laundry bag! We live in an apartment that doesn’t have a washing machine, and while I love our apartment, I loathe the 2-block trip to the laundromat. Luckily for me, Dave doesn’t mind doing laundry, so we have a nice system worked out where he does that task and I do the grocery shopping in exchange. Dave was not thrilled when my first pass at the laundry bag featured pink and bright green fabrics from Amy Butler’s last collection, so I re-worked it using more “masculine” fabrics from my line. Though, it might be a stretch to call polka dots masculine. But whatever.

While I’m detailing our laundry routine, I’d like to take a moment to sing the praises of our laundry/grocery cart, pictured above. My dad bought me one of these when I first moved to San Francisco, and I refused to use it for weeks because I was pretty sure only grannies pushed those carts around. But then I finally did use it, and my life changed. Suddenly, I could walk to the store (which was my only alternative, at the time), and carry my groceries home without having sore arms for days. I could easily whip my laundry up the (steep) hill without dropping any socks. The original model eventually wore out, but I found a new, super-sturdy version online at Stacks and Stacks, and now I cart it all over the place. And I don’t even care if I look like a granny.




  • Karen

    That is the cutest! I remember living in D.C. without a car and lugging bags like a pack mule. I’d be proud to push that thing around!

  • Melanie O

    I love this! You should think about doing a tutorial, there are a lot of bag tutorials out there, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one for a laundry bag. What a great idea!

  • monaluna

    That’s a good idea, Melanie – maybe I will! This one is designed to fit into (and over the top of) my laundry cart, but I could make that detail optional…

  • isabelle

    It is a great idea, your cart is so smart !!

  • Frizz

    Just found you through Print & Pattern. Your work is inspirational. Love your laundry cart!!

  • Karen

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