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sugar, sugar: orange brown sugar bath scrub


I’ve been lazy about making my bath scrubs lately, but I ran out of moisturizer this morning and I desperately needed something to counter the effects of all that Mexican sunshine. I mixed up what I think might be the yummiest yet: an orange brown sugar scrub. You can get all the ingredients at the grocery store (except maybe the orange essential oil, but that’s easy to find at coops, Whole Foods or natural food stores). It smells divine, and leaves your skin SO soft. Here’s the recipe:

Orange Brown Sugar Scrub
1 cup coarse brown sugar (I used a combination of brown and turbinado cane sugar from Trader Joes)
2 Tbsp. cocoa butter (warmed to liquid in a saucepan of water)
2 Tbsp. coconut oil
1-2 Tbsp. apricot oil
2 tsp. honey
10 drops orange essential oil




  • jet

    That sounds fabulous! Do you refrigerate it after you make it, or can you keep it in your shower?

  • monaluna

    i just keep it in the shower. none of the ingredients are perishable.

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