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new fabric: urban blooms


I finally got samples of my new fabric collection for Robert Kaufman – Urban Blooms! It’s always exciting to get boxes in the mail with the new prints, and to see what they end up looking like – especially the color, which generally changes from the original colorways. This group was printed on cotton flannel… I think I’m going to make myself some pjs! If some of the prints look familiar, I blogged about a stationery group I was working on using some of the prints here. Here is a sampling of the new collection:




  • ange_moore

    Those hummingbirds are lovely! Well done on the new fabric.

  • beanie g

    Awesome! Will it all be available in flannel and in 100% cotton?

  • monaluna

    I think just cotton flannel for now, but they may add quilting cotton.

  • Britt Bravo

    Beautiful! I love the hummingbird one!

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