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I know it’s been reeeaaal quiet here at the monaluna blog lately. Here’s why: after much looking, Dave and I finally bought our first house! I’ve been complaining bitterly for months about how much time it takes to look for houses and go to open houses, but that was nothing compared to actually buying one. I’ve signed so many papers I developed a whole new signature, my usual semi-precise letters now a bumpy line with some loops and a squiggle. It’s going to be a huge change for us, and we’re both excited and a little freaked out. I’ve already been to 3 pet adoption events, even though I know we can’t really take any of them home until we actually move in this weekend.

Anyway, not much should change here at Monaluna, though it may be quieter for a bit while we get moved and situated, and then I’ll have a lot more room for photography and projects. There will also probably be a slightly more varied offering of DIY projects – I see lots of house and garden jobs in my near future… Speaking of, here’s a photo of what we were up to last weekend. I also learned to use a ginormous miter saw. Does anyone need a tutorial on putting up chair rail? That’s next up on my schedule.




  • Tony

    Congratulations guys! Wow! I need details! =]

  • Willard B. Moore, PhD

    My dearest daughter (Actually, my only daughter!)
    You look adorable in your overalls, painting a color that is not really clear. Is it the orange scrub that you made up the other day? Won't it
    smell odd in that room? Or is it a chocolate mouse?
    OK. You're a good sport, but it IS a lovely photo. I can just feel the concentration and the energy! Thanks, Dave
    The Voice of Wisdom

  • ange_moore

    Congrats on the new house and enjoy the painting and renovating and all that goes along with home ownership! Can't wait to see what creativity comes out of your new home!

  • Karen Toohey

    Hi and congrats to the both of you! We can totally relate to the whole signing your life away feelings. We have in the past two months signed a 30 page contract for a new build, signed countless contracts between us and the relocation company for the sale of our Atlanta house, and next week we sign the mortgage papers for our Houston house (finally!). Oh – and we signed a pool contract last week. All of us are very excited about your new house. It is a very thrilling time to own your first home – enjoy! Devin and Katie now say we have to come visit! Love you! Karen

  • Mojo


  • FabricWorm

    These photos are a tease. We want to see the whole house! Pretty please…more photos! Looks like a lot of hard work.

  • Susanna Mendiola

    Congrats on the new home! Rockin' it at the WC!

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