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two weeks in


It’s now been two weeks, and we’re still unpacking. I can’t believe we have this much stuff! I’m at the point where I’m not sure I can take any more wandering around the house in search of the right box for whatever it is I’m looking for, and so have put on a little more “let’s get this over with” steam. It’s finally starting to look a little more like a place where people live, rather than a disaster area, which is giving me hope.

In addition to just unpacking and finding places for all of our belongings, we’re also getting a crash course in the responsibilities of home ownership. In the last two weeks, we’ve had the plumber here 3 times, 2 electrician visits plus someone to fix the furnace, the AT&T guy (twice – he had to fix some wiring), PG&E guy, plus various installers. We also had a nice housewarming present from Mother Nature: on an unusually windy day three days after we moved in, our front trellis collapsed into the street, carrying about 500 pounds of wisteria vine. We have yet to tackle that one, other than trimming about 2/3 off the top off the vine so that cars can pass on the road.

As daunting as it’s been, though, it’s also been fun. For someone who loves projects, this is a dream come true. Here’s a little peek at our current project docket:
-build a new trellis
-put up chair rail and crown molding in living room (nope, still not done)
-re-tile the kitchen where the microwave/hood was removed (not to code)
-line blanket closet with cedar
-paint the bedroom
-remove the bathroom vanity
-paint the bathroom
-install new vanity
-build a shed
-insulate and sheetrock the attic
-level the yard

Here are a few photos of some of the neater areas of the house:




  • Cristin

    Oh its getting there for sure! The dining room and kitchen look fabulous! You'll get it squared away soon!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Jen! It's Kris Ott – your Mom's neighbor across the street. I have to admit I have been a bandit reader of your blog…very interested in your fabrics. When I carve out some time, I would like to create a chair cushion for Grace out of one of your fabrics. On a separate note, I LOVE the wall color in the top picture [dining room] and have been searching for a color in that family for quite some time. Hard to tell from a photo, but is it a green / grey / taupe?

  • monaluna

    Hi Kris – great to hear from you! Thanks for your interest in the fabrics – I'd love to see that chair cushion when you get it done! I have a couple of those to finish myself…
    The paint we used for the dining room is one of the Benjamin Moore Historic colors – Northampton Putty. And, yeah, it's kind of a pea green/grey/putty color. It's rich but not too dark – especially because we left a lot of white. We really like it. Hope to see you at the holidays!

    And Cristin – thanks for your encouragement! It's coming along…

  • Anonymous

    Congratulation for the new dwell; with your focused scandinavian willpower it will be a total success. 🙁
    Greetings from Vienna.

  • Angie

    Thanks for sharing the paint color – it's bold, yet peaceful. Looks like an amazing place. Congrats!

  • prashant

    I have a couple of those to finish myself…

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