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monaco by monaluna is coming soon(ish)!


I have some exciting, non-house related news today – I just made the final color tweaks on my new collection of fabric, Monaco! This is a whole new process for me, because this time, rather than just designing the prints and turning them over to a fabric company to produce, I’m working with a mill to have the designs printed on organic cotton. I still have a lot of little details to work out, but it’s an exciting process and I’m learning a lot. It looks like the final product should be here and available for sale on my (reworked) website in May, which seems like a long way off, but (considering all that I need to get done before then) is really just around the corner. Yay! Here’s a little preview of the new line:




  • beanie g

    Congrats, they look great!

  • Angie

    I agree – they are fabulous!

  • Jessica's Photography

    I love the new prints the are so pretty! Congrats!

  • ange_moore

    Lovely prints – I love the little scooters! Can't wait to see them in store next year.

  • daisy janie

    Congratulations! The designs are fantastic. Hooray for more organics!!

  • live a colorful life

    Not until May??? I love the scooters. Love.Them.

  • Britt Bravo

    I love 'em! You should pull your blog feed into your Facebook Page with the Notes application so all our FB peeps can follow your news.

  • Lola Pink Fabrics

    Congratulations on your new line!! We will definitely be adding the new designs to our stash as soon as it comes out. We can't wait!!

  • FabricWorm

    Yay! Awesome Work, Jen! I'm so glad you posted them. Very exciting. Of course will have them all in stock. You know that's for sure!

  • Diane

    Beautiful! I really love the birds and the circles on brown.

  • Susanna Mendiola

    Looks awesome! Love the classic monaluna birds & I can already see some projects where I want to use the stripes!

  • prashant

    love the new prints the are so pretty! Congrats!

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