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the worms have arrived! adventures in vermicomposting…


As I’ve mentioned here before, one of the things I’m really excited about with this new house is having a nice, big garden. We’ve also been really trying to live in as low-impact a way as possible, recycling everything we can, shopping at the local farmers’ market and trying to use less unnecessary packaging. After spending Christmas with my mother, a big proponent of composting and worm composting especially, we decided that now that we have the space and the yard, there’s no reason not to have our own colony of little composting worms. They accomplish two tasks at once: prevent organic scraps from going in the landfill, and supply wonderfully rich garden compost and “worm tea”, which is supposed to be amazing for plants. Although making a worm farm would be a perfect DIY project, I decided I just didn’t have the time for it right now, so I went searching and stumbled on Happy D Ranch, purveyors of fine worms and worm products. An easy mouse-click later we were on our way to being worm farmers! Well, the little guys arrived yesterday, and we got their new home all set up. Now we just have to be patient while they get settled in, and then we can start giving them our used coffee filters, apple cores, eggshells and junkmail (yes, junkmail!).

this is their bedding material, a mixture of ground coconut shell, shredded paper and dirt.
home, sweet home!



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