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I’m still – still! – reorganizing my studio, and slowly sorting through all the stuff that got jumbled together during the move (and, let’s be honest, wasn’t all that organized before the move). It’s starting to look better, but now I’m lusting for some new studio storage. New office furniture isn’t really in the budget right now, but a girl can dream, right? I’ve been loving the rustic, vintage and farmhouse-y look of a lot of what’s out there now, and have been pulling together some images for my “someday, maybe, dream studio” inspiration board. Most are from a back issue of Art & Decoration magazine, and from Restoration Hardware. Check them out:

from Substance
cool lighting from Abaca Antique, Marchand d’Ambiances, Le Passe Recompose and Melange d’Idees. All images above from Art & Decoration Magazine.
I would love some flat storage for artwork like this piece from Restoration Hardware
This is a warm take on the steel bakers’ rack that I use for most of my art supplies. From Resto.
I love this work table – if only it were adjustable for cutting fabric! Also from Restoration Hardware.




  • LeslieM

    have you ever found an adjustable table for cutting fabric? I would love to know if such a table exists. Thanks,

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