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I really only intended to look. I haven’t bought any fabric since we moved here in November, and I thought I should check out the local shops and, you know, just see what they had. Well, I ended up leaving with a heavy bag of fabric and a significantly lighter pocketbook. The thing is, looking at all that lovely fabric I was reminded of a recent Film in the Fridge post, and decided that I needed a citrus-y spotted squares quilt like this one. ASAP. These colors feel so fresh and spring like to me, and they’ll go very nicely Little Bit’s newly painted room. So, I see I have some more quilting in my near future!




  • Karen

    I haven't been by in a while and I'm so excited for you about Little Bit! Great colors and patterns for a little girl project–can't wait to see what it becomes…

  • Willard B. Moore, PhD

    “Little Bit?” I was under the distinct impression that she is to be named Magnolia Blossom!

  • Ashley

    What great fabrics in wonderful spring colors! Is it bad that this post makes me want to run out and buy more fabric?

  • monaluna

    Hi Karen – great to see you on here!

    And yes, dad, I know your name preference. 😉

    Ashley, even I want to go out and buy more fabric when I look at these… I bought most of them at a shop called Thimble Creek, and I was in fabric heaven!

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