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Now that spring is here, our yard is suddenly full of all sorts of flowering and fruiting trees. As someone who grew up in Minneapolis, this is a strange and exotic development. I still haven’t quite gotten my brain around the fact that we can have figs growing right outside our kitchen door. So cool! The only thing is, I have no idea what most of these trees are going to produce. I’m familiar with the orange and the lemon – they are in bloom right now, and the whole place is filled with the smell of orange blossoms – but the others… not so sure. Just in the past couple of days, though, little fruits have started to emerge, so it’s just a matter of time…

This one, a neighbor tells us, is a plum. But we’re not sure if the fruit is edible or ornamental. I’m really hoping they’re edible – I have a thing for plum jam.

Cherry? The tree has the signature stripey bark, and the blossoms were a beautiful pink.

I think this one might be an apricot – I seem to remember seeing an apricot on this tree when we first looked at the house in October.
This one is supposed to be a pear. The tree is so little and gnarled, though, with just a few tufts of blossoms, that I’m not sure it’s going to produce anything. It’s pretty, though!
The orange blossoms (and baby oranges) that are smelling so sweet right now.




  • collin

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  • LambAround

    Keep us posted on what fruit you wind up with! 🙂
    Our 1st year in our new house, we thought “those 2 trees can't possibly be growing cherries”. They were covered in cherries and we were too afraid to eat them because my husband insisted they were probably poisonous! You'd think the previous owner would have mentioned something.

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