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yay – the bulk samples have arrived!


I’ve received almost all of the bulk samples for the new monaco line in the past few days, and they look great! I’m still waiting on the scooters, but as soon as I can sign off on those, they’ll be shipped off and on their way to the port of Oakland. Woo-hoo! The fabrics have a great drape and a soft hand, and I already have all kinds of ideas of things to make. I can’t wait til they get here!




  • daisy janie

    They look deeee-licious! You must be so excited! Mine are on their way as well, and I'm about ready to burst!

  • Krys

    I like these ALOT

  • FabricWorm

    These are Yummy! For some reason they make me want ice cream! The palette is so soft and pretty. Can't wait to see them in person!

  • Ginny

    Gimme! Gimme! Can't wait to find them online.

  • Chrissy Foreman C

    These are fantastic! They look so soft and flowy … yummo!

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