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Dave took this photo last night, and it somehow seems to sum up things in our family. It shows Sadie, our cat, with her new very favorite toy, the pricey, natural rubber pacifier that we bought for Anabelle (but which she soundly rejected). Then, to the right, we see Anabelle with her new favorite, the sparkly cat toy that I hastily tied to her carseat chair for some needed distraction. I guess we do whatever works!




  • MelanieO

    You're smart! Whatever works is the best strategy in my book 🙂 I see you figured out the car seat thing. I didn't figure out until my second (of three children) that they prefer hanging out in their car seat above all other fancy seats / swings / bouncies. (pre-crawling/rolling/creeping) They took their best naps in the car seat, too! Go figure!

  • monaluna

    Ha – yep, she loves her car seat! She doesn't love the straps, but she usually falls asleep right away, so we can sneak the straps on when we go out.

  • Cristin

    ah thats funny! My puppy dog, Hazel, LOVES my baby boys little stuffed animals that rattle. Eli is 3 months old – and we've found Hazel stealthily running thru the house with his little teddy bear in her mouth! And Eli likes his carseat too 🙂 Ya gotta do what works!

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