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I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend! We took Anabelle on her first camping trip, and she’s turning out to be an excellent camper! I was a little daunted by the challenge of camping out with such a young one, but once I got over my fear of bears nabbing her in the night and giant mosquitoes eating her alive, it turned out to be just fine. She did spend a good portion of the trip swaddled in an enormous mosquito net – wish I’d gotten a photo of that – and made it through without a single bite. We found a great, remote spot in Stanislaus National Forest near a river, and spent a beautiful weekend hiking, reading, lounging and eating.

Oh yeah, did I mention eating? The group we camped with happen to be a special breed of gourmet campers, and the food was unbelievable. There was homemade Korean bbq (pork and beef varieties) with kimchee and Asian cabbage salad, souvlaki, tzaziki and Greek salad, salmon in a soy cilantro sauce with grilled asparagus, a delicious Mexican bean salad and some killer guacomole that one of the group just whipped up on a whim, and apple crisp cooked in a cast iron skillet in the campfire. Not to mention some incredible breakfasts. Yeah, I could get used to that kind of camping.




  • live a colorful life

    Looks like a beautiful place to camp. We have rental cabins at Huntington Lake (7,000 feet) and I love going there. So calm and peaceful. Now I just need your gourmet camping friends to come cook for me!

  • ange_moore

    What a great weekend. And you've got to love an Ergo to help you get mobile with a baby!

  • Michele

    Frontier baby! She'll always remember your camping trips. Okay, maybe when she's older, but still. The gourmet grub sounded wonderful. Now THOSE are camping buddies!

  • Susanna Mendiola

    She is so big already!

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