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Have you guys seen Handmade Living magazine? It’s a gorgeous British magazine put out by the same publisher that does Sew Hip. I picked it up at Borders a few months ago and just loved it! Well, they did a profile of Monaluna in their latest (October) edition, and we put our 2nd-ever ad on the back cover! It was so fun to get it in the mail last week. Here’s a peek!

Monaluna in Handmade Living




  • Nancy

    That's fantastic, Jenn. Congratulations! And the photos are gorgeous — really rich and vibrant.

  • Britt Bravo


  • Linda

    That is a big baby foot . . . going to be one big child! Congrats on the ad. As usual, the colors are appealing and well balanced on the pages. Looks nice.

  • M Eberlein

    Do you know the back story of Handmade Living? It's published by All Craft Media, formerly KAL Media, owned by Kerrie Allman. She has a very long, well-documented history of not paying her contributors. She started in knitting, and knit designers who sent their patterns and samples to her were never compensated. Please read these articles ( and (

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