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I’m finally getting back into the swing of things after our adventures at Quilt Market in Houston. What a blast! Market ended on Monday, but Dave’s parents live just outside of Houston so we spent a few much-needed days of vacation with them before heading home. The show went really well, but I always wish I had more time to see all the other booths as well. It’s very hard to stay in the our little 10×10′ space when there are hundreds and hundreds of fabric designers and quilters and pattern makers to see!

When I first got to our booth on Friday it looked like this:

Except it was full of boxes and crates from the large distributor next to us. Within a few hours, we had it spiffed up to look like this:
It took a little longer than I hoped, because I neglected to consider how much ironing all those curtains were going to take! I’m definitely going to reconsider using linen curtains for the next show. Here’s another shot showing the left wall, which was rearranged later in the show when we realized we had no neighbor to our left and could do away with the wall.
And here I am with the gorgeous quilt sewn by Melissa Lunden of Lunden Designs. Everybody loved it!
The little outfit sewn from the Monaco fabrics was made by Olive Ann Designs, a great pattern maker who also had a show at the booth. Dave got a shot of her booth with some of the other designs she sewed using Taali prints (note the sheep and apples on the pajamas):
I also had some adorable samples in the booth by Rebecca Ruth Designs. She made the cutest little smock aprons (see photos 2 and 3 on left), and some that she calls “Smock Monsters”, which were out on the tables but not really visible in the photos. Check them out here.
Also, I finally got to meet Jan DiCintio of Daisy Janie! Her booth and new collection looked great!
On Monday after the show we broke down the booth as fast as we could and rushed back to the suburbs of Houston for our first time Trick or Treating with this little person:
She was not too clear on the concept of Trick or Treating. First, she wanted to just sit there with her hands in the bowl of candy, playing. Then she wanted a full tour of the homes, and was not content to just stand on the doorstep and receive candy. A door would open and she’d wiggle around the legs in a flash and head straight for the stairs. A little later in the evening she got the hang of taking candy, but insisted on trading with some of her own, often after it had been chewed on a bit. Unconventional Trick or Treating, but all in all, a good night.




  • Jan

    Hard to believe it was just a week ago at this time, my plane landed in Philadelphia and I was almost home! Still kind of in recovery mode, catching up on everything! Your booth looks/looked so spectacular! Now that I'm sitting still looking at your pics, I can really take it in and appreciate it even more. The samples look super!!! Sure hope you'll be in KC – maybe we can get together for dinner.

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