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another great UK magazine – and more monaluna press!


I just got the first issue of the new Modern Quilting magazine, and opened it up to find a really nice feature on Monaluna! I had answered some interview questions for Vick Guthrie, the author, but I had no idea it was going to be such a substantial article. Fun to see! The magazine itself is gorgeous, and full of inspiring projects and images, as well as info on other designers (like Kate Spain – one of my favorites!). Yet another great reason to pad my magazine budget!




  • Jen

    Looks fantastic! I need to look at all your new fabrics.

  • Ali Irish

    I have always loved your blog and enjoyed your fabrics from afar, which is why I feel the need to point out to you that as Modern Quilting is a magazine run by All Craft Media, I need to take you to this post of a dear friend of mine's:

    and its follow-up posts:

    I realize that it is a great point of pride to have a feature in any magazine, but because I respect the work that you do, I feel you need to know how this publishing company has treated designers and contributors, and respectfully ask that you consider not supporting it further.

    I am very sorry if this has put a damper on things, but I have had so many friends hurt by this publishing company that I cannot bear the thought of more great creative people falling into their trappings.

    I do very sincerely apologize, and I wish you well.

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