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I got a really nice email last week from Heather Knox of Project Somos, letting me know about her organization to help orphaned and abandoned children in Guatemala. Project Somos is working to create a socially and environmentally sustainable village, where children will live with foster families in homes built by Project Somos. The organization is building the village, and creating an infrastructure of organic agriculture and orchards to sustain it, with the goal of providing secure homes, loving families and hopeful futures to children in need.

The scope of the project is large, and I encourage you to check out their informative and interesting website here. And if you’d like to get involved? Well! In addition to conventional donations, the organization is asking for donations of handmade quilts which will be donated to each child, and will also be available for sponsorship to help raise money for the village. What a nice focus for our collective creative energies! You can learn more about the Quilts for Kids and how to get involved here.
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