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the raaga collection has arrived!


Our new Raaga collection arrived late last week, and the weekend was a flurry of unpacking and taking inventory. You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but every time we get a collection in I’m amazed by the huge number of bolts and seemingly endless stacks of fabric. I love stacking the bolts on our shelves, seeing the patterns repeated over and over. And then I especially love packing them all up in boxes and sending them out across the country and the world. I’m just starting the shipping process now, and I love thinking about those bolts heading off to Japan, the UK, Australia, Spain… all those places I’d like to go but can’t right now. The other day Anabelle was playing in the studio while I packed up a box heading to Hong Kong. She climbed in on top of the bolts and announced that she was going to Hong Kong too! Maybe someday soon…

the raaga collection



lila lounge pants



tea blossom tunic






  • Stephanie

    Be still my shoe loving heart. Amazingly perfect with those luscious bolts. That would be a wonderful way to travel — wrapped in bolts of fabric.

    • Jennifer

      Hi Stephanie – I’m so glad you like the shoes! They were a flea market score, and I couldn’t get over how well they went with the collection. I had to fit them in a photo somehow. Too bad they’re a size 6 and too small for me!

  • stephinie

    This is stunning!! Truly. I am smitten with the quilt + little lounge pants….. is the quilt pattern yours?

  • Heidi @ Fabric Mutt

    Jennifer, this collection is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!!

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