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happy fourth!


Happy Fourth of July weekend, everybody! It’s cooled down to 100 degrees here from 104, and for the first time I’m really regretting that our little house has no air conditioning. At least it’s dry heat, though! We just got back from a great pan-midwest vacation, where we celebrated the wedding of my brother Josh and new sister-in-law Amy, visited Dave’s alma mater and college friends, and spent time with family and friends in Minneapolis. It was hot there, too, and oh-so-humid! At least we got to enjoy a couple thunderstorms, which made it a little better, and everything was gorgeous and green.


The wedding was so beautiful and perfect, including the flowergirls, who were clad in Raaga-print bubble dresses (thanks, Josh and Amy!). Here are a couple of photos, along with a photo of my 4th of July outfit for tomorrow.





happy 4th!




  • Stephanie

    Happy 4th of July! Darling little girls and the cowboy boots are perfect with bubble dress. :o) I wish I loved to garment sew as I love your maxi dress!

  • Heidi @ Fabric Mutt

    Jennifer , these dresses are SO lovely! Beautiful work!!

  • Sew Banana

    Adorable dresses and love to see these design. Thanks you.

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