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free range fabric fun


The Free Range collection is in, and has been flying off the shelves! One of the fun parts of my job is doing photo shoots for each fabric collection, and we finally got a few photos taken yesterday. Here are some of the takes, and outtakes. Happy Friday!

anabelle and the chickens


anabelle and isabelle


apple barn cow dress








  • Heidi @ Fabric Mutt

    These pictures are SO adorable — just like the fabric prints!!

  • Casey

    Ah, I LOVE this collection! I am just over the hill in Brentwood – are there any local stores that carry it and/or your patterns?

    • Joey

      I am so in love with these pictures and the collection! I carry the issue of Mary Jane’s Farm with this ad in it everywhere and I can’t get the shirtwaist dress and apron out of my head- I want one just like it! Where can I find this pattern?

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