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Monaluna in Uppercase Magazine


Are you guys familiar with Janine Vangool’s gorgeous Uppercase Magazine? Billed as a magazine “for the creative and curious” each issue takes on an aspect of the creative world, like color, pattern, or calligraphy. Janine is masterful at putting together stunning spreads and interesting, in-depth coverage of such a wide range of subjects. I have loved this magazine for a few years now, and I have saved all the issues, going back to them from time to time to read articles I missed, or just get inspired. I got to meet Janine at Quilt Market last fall, and did a little Q and A with her for her current issue, the Surface Pattern Design Guide. I opened a newsletter from her yesterday, to find that she’d included our interview on her blog. I’m so excited to be included in her publication! Check out the full article here.

Uppercase Magazine - Monaluna





  • Lori McCarthy

    Thank you so much for directing us to Uppercase! I so enjoyed their blog post on you – I learned alot about you that I didn’t know! So grateful for your talent, and super excited to see what you share with us next!! xoxo

    • Jennifer Moore

      Hi Lori – You’re so welcome, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! Uppercase is really a great magazine. I’m really excited that they included us in the Design Guide. 🙂

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